A Review of the Elite Fitness Inversion Table

There is a wide variety of inversion tables in the market that you can get in good quality, brand new, and comes in ideal features but costs less so if you are looking for the cheapest table that you can use for inversion therapy, you definitely have a list of options. Weslo and Elite Fitness are two of the cheapest and the most popular choices so they should be included in your shopping list. In this post, we are going to talk mainly about Elite Fitness as I have a separate article about Weslo Inversion Flex System. You better read that article as well after reading this so you can decide which one suit you best.

Elite Fitness Inversion Table Review

Elite Fitness is one of the best selling inversion machines in the market. This table has proven its efficiency in relieving back pain and allowing the user’s to experience the amazing health benefits of inversion therapy for a low cost. With Elite Fitness, you do not have to worry about spending over $200 to up to thousands of dollars just for an inversion machine because you can actually get this for about a 100 dollar or less. If you worry that you might be getting something of lesser value because of its very low cost, you don’t have to worry that much because Elite Fitness comes in good quality and affordability rolled into one inversion system. It may not have all the advanced features found in its more expensive counterparts but it does have its own set of style, uniqueness, and features. Like any other expensive machine, it also features a durable and sturdy frame with 4 – point pod style design and floor stabilizers which are increasing its stability even if it is placed over floors with uneven surfaces. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and it can be adjusted to fit users with heights ranging from 4’10” to 6’6” using its built – in height selector. It also comes in a 3 position bench, foam padded and breathable back pad, removable head rest, cushioned handle bars and extra large leg rollers. These are just few of the many features that can be found in a $116 Elite Fitness inversion machine. With these basic qualities alone, who would ever tell you that you are not making a wonderful and cost – saving investment?

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