Best Kids Toys Of 2012

What are the best kids toys of 2012? We love toys that require kids to use their imaginations. Toys allow children to develop intellectually, emotionally and socially.  We recognize that nobody has all the money in the world. Get the best bang for your buck. Here are some new toys in 2012 that really facilitate play.

Cabbage Patch Kids

A long time favorite is back. We used to play with the Cabbage Patch Kids when we were young. In 2012, they are back and waiting to be adopted by a whole new generation of kids. The new Cabbage Patch Kids dolls from Jakks Pacific offer nurturing play for kids ages 2 –5. There are six different fashion styles and a variety of hair styles and eye colors for girls to choose from. Each Cabbage Patch doll comes with pajamas or a onesie. They also come along with a removable diaper, a matching blanket, and a cabbage leaf bottle. You’ll also get a pacifier that is removable from the doll’s mouth. Something unique about the Cabbage Patch Dolls is that they come along with a Birth Certificate and Official Adoption Papers. These newer Cabbbage Patch Dolls are geared toward younger kids hence the younger look. Kids can pretend they are taking care of their own child and they can even change their baby’s diaper. There is a lot of imaginative open ended play to be had with the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

Little People Buzz Lightyear & Spaceship

Everyone knows Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies. Everyone’s favorite buddy from the film is back in Little People form. This is an age appropriate set for younger kids. It features Buzz Lightyear and his spaceship. This nice little set allows even the youngest of fans recreate scenes from the beloved Toy Story movies. When you place Buzz Lightyear into the Spaceship it activates several different fun phrases to entertain kids. The spaceship’s exhaust lights will light up. The doors on the Spaceship can be opened up to reveal a two-way switch. The switch can be set to either the alien image or the Woody image. Kids can fly the Spaceship around and the lights and sounds really bring the toy to life. This toy does inspire creative imaginative open-ended play. Three AAA batteries are required for operation of this toy.

Dress Up Memory Tile Game

The Dress Up Memory Tile Game is a basic memory and matching game with a dress up theme. There are 24 tiles included in this game. The game pieces are big and they are very easy to grasp. You play this game like any other game of memory. So you begin by unveiling two game pieces at a time. If they match they you win those points. However, if they do not match then you turn them back over. The player with the most game pieces at the end is declared the winner of the Dress Up Memory Tile Game. The end of the game is defined as when there are no more game pieces to flip over. A cloth pouch is included with the game package for storage. This game is intended for kids ages 3 and over.

CAT Construction Machine Bulldozer

The CAT Construction Machine Bulldozer is perfect for boys who love construction toys. Two AA batteries are required for complete operation of this bulldozer. The bulldozer has four different buttons that players can push. One workman is included to drive the Construction Machine Bulldozer. There is one warning noise to warn nearby personnel of a moving vehicle. Parents will also appreciate the fact that you can actually play with this toy with the sound turned off.

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