Bio Oil vs Mederma: Which is Superior?

Bio Oil and Mederma are among the brands that people use for treating skin problems like scars and stretch marks. There has always been lingering questions about which of these two leading skin care products is more effective in lightening scars and fading stretch marks. However, clinical studies show that each of the products has its own benefits and drawbacks. Furthermore, both products also provide additional data for their effectiveness and other relevant results. Regarding the effectiveness of each one, the dependent factor will always be the skin type of the person who will use the product.

Bio Oil for Skin Problems:

In today’s day and age, there are numerous products that attempted to be on top of the market for skin care. Bio Oil is one of these products and it has maintained a relatively well-known status in lightening the skin, scars and stretch marks, balancing the skin tone and rejuvenating dry and aging skin. Like many skin care products, Bio Oil contains the essential vitamins A and E due to the fact that they are good for the skin. Aside from these vitamins, the oil also has calendula oil (antioxidant), rosemary oil (moisturizer), lavender oil (conditioning agent and fragrance) and chamomile oil (calming and soothing effect). Also, Bio Oil is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and hypoallergenic as per the clinical studies performed on individuals.

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Mederma for Scars:

Mederma skin care has both the cream form as well as the gel form for treating scars. This product is an over the counter medication (OTC) that boasts of clearing old scars. Mederma is recommended for surgical, acne and burn scars as well as stretch marks. Allium cepa, the main component of Mederma, is an onion extract. The OTC product also has aloe vera so as to soften the skin.

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As a summary, bio oil vs mederma cannot wholly be explained without using them and comparing the results. Still, the glaring difference is that Bio Oil has more applications in different skin problems. On the other hand, Mederma focuses on a singular problem but is said to be very effective. As a conclusion, a dermatologist can better provide insight regarding the specific skin issue as well as the best treatment for it.

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