Choosing The Right Clothes To Wear For A Horse Show Competition

When it comes to getting involved in a horse show competition, participants should always remember that first impressions last and as such, you must always look your best in a horse show competition and leave nothing to chance in order to gain the best odds of winning the horse show competition. This means that not only should your horse look good and perform well, you must look just as well. When performing, there are a few pointers that you should always keep in mind:

1. You should always read the horse show competition rules as carefully as possible and master every detail by heart as there is no excuse for breaking or bending any rule simply because you did not know about it.

2. Horse owners are also being judging based on how they look and present themselves during the competition. Careful selection of your attire for the horse show competition can help give judges a good impression of you while giving you a boost of self esteem during the horse show competition and over time.

Determining a budget
You do not need to spend a million to look like a millionaire. All you really need is a good strategy and fashion sense to carefully plan and select the best clothes your budget will allow for the horse show competition. If you are working with a tight budget, one tip to consider is allocating a larger part of your horse show competition budget for your clothes and prioritizing your travel and accommodations less as you are judged while you are in the horse show competition ring, not outside it.

First-time participants can expect to invest around a thousand dollars for essentials such as a hat, chaps, blanket and other pieces of clothing to allow you to look your best and showing the rest that you are there to participate and win the horse show competition. Always keep in mind that high-quality articles of clothing are more durable and last longer than cheap pieces. If you plan to seriously compete in a horse show competition, clothing expenses are part of the investment and should not simply be considered a luxurious expense.

Choosing a Color
The right color for the horse show competition ensemble can help turn heads in your direction and favor. Choose colors and an ensemble which can make you and your horse look great and stand out from the crowd of participants. Also remember to choose something that you are comfortable wearing.

For participants showing several horses or are unsure of what looks good, sticking with the blue or green colors is a safe bet. Pale mint hues to dark forest greens are popular when participating in a horse show competition as the colors look good even when viewed from a distance. Imagine how a teal green shirt and saddle looks on a bay and sorrel horse.

Always try to look your best when participating in a horse show competition. The judges in a horse show competition may critic you on your performance but the right look can help you stand out from the rest.

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