Creating Eye-Catching Victoria BC Signs

There are over 350,000 people living in the Victoria BC area, and if you’re a business owner competing for customers, it’s important to have marketing materials that really stand out. Eye-catching Victoria BC signs are the key to getting customers to notice you and show an interest in your product or service. A well-designed sign is memorable, intriguing, and sparks curiosity in potential customers. Here are a few tips for creating eye-catching Victoria BC signs. Coming Up with Ideas Before you start the design process, close your eyes and picture some signs that you have noticed lately. Think about why they stood out to you. What colors, fonts, and styles were used? Did they appeal to your emotions, and if so, in what way? What was the size and shape of the sign? What about the sign made you want to learn more about the product or service? Write some of these things down and look for patterns.

These are the elements you should implement in your own Victoria BC signs. Choosing Fonts The font you use for your Victoria BC signs will be one of the most important elements. Custom fonts are nice, but they aren’t necessary for an outstanding sign. Your customers won’t notice the difference between a custom font and one that you have on your own computer, so don’t worry about spending the extra money. If your sign will be viewed from a distance, use a sans serif font such as Helvetica or Futura. Serif fonts are fine for the secondary message but should not be used for the main message. If your customers will be looking at your sign closely for more than a few seconds, you could use a fancier font such as Engraved or Signature. If you can’t find the perfect font on your computer, look for fonts online that can be downloaded for free. Never use more than two fonts on your sign. Adding Graphics A great sign usually has at least one graphic. Graphics should be used carefully and sparingly. When adding graphics to your sign, remember that less is more. Too many graphics make your sign look busy and interfere with the message of the sign. Whether you choose to use your business logo, a photo, or a graphic relevant to your product or service, make sure it is simple and helps get your main message across. Picking the Right Size When it comes to signs, size does matter. You may have the perfect sign, but if it’s not the right size, your customers won’t be able to read it and it will have no impact. Do your research and learn about letter height vs. viewing distance.

Make sure that your letters are large enough to be seen by those who will pass your sign. This will depend on where your sign is located and how far the customers are from that location. If your sign will be visible to drivers, keep in mind that they will only have about 3 seconds to read the sign. Your text should be large enough to read within that time frame. Use Effective Color Schemes There are certain color combinations that have been proven to be the most effective and eye-catching. In 1974, James & Karen Claus published “The Sign Guide: A Marketing Aid” and listed all of these combinations. They found that color combinations with high contrast are easier to read, both close-up and from long distances. Look up this information and base your color selection off of these guidelines. If you’re going to invest time and money in creating signs for your business, make sure they are readable. It’s very important to make sure your Victoria BC signs stand out to your potential customers. Using elements from great signs you’ve seen, choosing appropriate fonts, adding simple graphics, and selecting the right size and colors will ensure that your signs look amazing and help bring customers through the door.

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