Firmstrong Bikes Encourage Cycling to Work

A lot of people enjoy cycling as a form of exercise. Some even commute to work by peddling their way through traffic. A cost efficient and healthy way to manage the high cost of gasoline bikes have been around for generations. In Europe and Asia there are more people on bicycles than in cars on any given day. Some countries devote entire streets to cyclists and set up large parking areas that are strictly designated for bikes. Here in the US bikers come in all shapes, sizes and ages. From small children to the elderly, bicycles are part of a healthy lifestyle. Although the popularity of bikes has not reached the level that foreign countries enjoy there are many adults who enjoy taking their Firmstrong bike out for a ride. Due to the interest in lowering vehicle emissions and reducing carbon footprints a lot of people are giving up driving a couple of days a week in favor of biking to work. There are some cities that promote initiatives to reduce pollution by increasing the number of bike lanes on their streets. Promoted by companies that sponsor green initiatives, cyclists that ride to work are rewarded for choosing an energy conscious alternative to driving their car.

Cruisers offer casual riders a simple ride

The manufacturers of bicycles have gone through several different styles of bikes over the years. Mountain bikes that are build for trails and rough terrain; sleek racing bikes that are designed for low wind resistance offer speed to competitive racers and single speed cruisers make riding fun for anyone that has a casual approach to exercising. Beach cruisers are bikes that feature a single speed for people like to ride without having any particular destination in mind. A classic style to the frame and wheels gives the cruiser a retro appearance that is reminiscent of the 1950’s. Manufactured for today’s avid rider Firmstrong offers a number of bikes that are designed for different needs and interests. Causal cyclists appreciate the uncomplicated single gear mechanism of a cruiser, but there are others who look to the company to deliver the competition cycles that deliver performance and speed.

Cycling is a great way to keep fit

For decades manufacturers like Raleigh, Schwinn and Cannondale were the preferred products that attracted serious enthusiasts to retailers, but that has changed as new companies are presenting their products to audiences. Of course there are people that ride for the fun of it, but there are also individuals that are serious about cycling for fitness. The different needs of a person require different bikes and a lot of serious sports enthusiasts own more than one ride. For someone that enjoys every aspect of the sport of cycling the need to own a mountain bike, a street racer and a cruiser allow them to participate in any event that they choose. The selection of equipment that is available from manufacturers like Firmstrong makes it easy for any avid cyclist to enjoy riding. Whether they are out for a casual ride on the weekend or participating in a triathlon the bikes that are designed for a specific purpose allow an individual to take advantage of one of the best forms of cardiac fitness.

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