How Does Vonage Work in Your Home or Office?

How does Vonage Work? Many people may wonder about the phone service called Vonage. This company was one of the earliest businesses that presented an option to using the long-established phone service. Vonage lowered phone costs by supplying inexpensive internet calling. Many people have decided to switch to this kind of service and many would like to know how Vonage works.

Voice over Internet Protocol

An initial leader of VoIP, Vonage has replaced the land line phone with internet service. The phone operates in the exact manner as it does with a land line. Service is basically routed through the router. Most people have been uncertain about trusting their phone service to their internet connection. However, millions of people have learned VoIP is just as dependable as the service of the telephone Company’s land line, except Vonage is less expensive.

Easy to Use

It is understandable that the first reaction of many people to the explanation of VoIP might be hesitance. It sounds like a complex process and sometimes it is unclear to people who have used a land line most of their lives. Happily there is no genuine variation among using an internet-based telephone service and a land-line. Using Vonage is as straightforward as picking up the telephone and dialing. The person you call will not even be aware of any difference.

Equipment Needed

There is a slight difference in the equipment. Vonage requires some dissimilar equipment to work right. Phone service must be connected by an Ethernet router or by a phone adapter provided by Vonage. After this is in place, the equipment permits your phone to properly connect to the internet and allows calls.

Advantages of Vonage

How does Vonage work so well? Plainly stated, Vonage provides the very same service you get from a land line service except it is much cheaper. The fact is Vonage provides many affordable services that phone companies would charge much more for, such as long distance calling. Telephone services have always charged a huge amount for a timed long distance call; Vonage charges a small fraction of their price for these calls. This is very useful for family members who live overseas.

Emergency Calls

One of the most important objections of Vonage has been its inaptness with the 911 services. Although you can customize Vonage services with 911 capabilities, the capability of dialing 911 with Vonage does not come in a package. Emergency calling is an option that must be asked for when ordering service from Vonage. This has caused anger with some customers who did not realize this and tried to dial 911 in vain.

How does Vonage work? Vonage presents you with the equivalent features of the land line you are presently using. The single discrepancy is that Vonage charges a lot less for the same services. Optimistically you can now make an informed decision about Vonage service and can decide if you want to join the millions of others who are happily saving money with Vonage. When you switch your phone service to Vonage you will be sure to find it just as reliable as your land line, only cheaper.


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