Keeping Your Bristles Clean – How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

High quality makeup brushes are an investment, but it’s not just enough to buy them. Like everything else, makeup brushes can get dirty pretty quickly- even without constant usage. Disinfecting your makeup brushes is essential, not only because dirty brushes and applicators can mess up any look you try to achieve, but also because not doing so will result in the spread of acne causing bacteria and oils from your applicators to your products. This is particularly true for people who have acne problem.

You don’t need to rush out and buy new applicators every week. That’s silly and a waste of money and time. Instead, we recommend you to try cleaning your applicators at home. While there are several methods of doing so, for example, we particularly liked what Becca came up with, there is a standard method that a lot of people have tried, and loved.

What You’ll Need:

  • Flat Plate –preferably glass, since paper won’t help and plastic absorbs stains.
  • Liquid Soap –Anti-bacterial dish soap is highly recommended.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil –any brand that isn’t an oil blend.

The Process:

Once you have all that, you’ll find that there is a pretty simple process of how to clean makeup brishes. Gently rinse your brushes and applicators in lukewarm water with a little soap and extra virgin olive oil. The best way to do this (and we say this because it is also the easiest) is to pour a little soap and oil into the plate and swish the brushes in the both, before cleaning them thoroughly with your hands, and rinsing afterwards with lukewarm water. Keep the brushes at a downward angle and remember to only wash the brush tops (i.e the bristles). Leave the brushes to dry overnight before you use them again, preferably over a baking cooling rack.

Why We Recommend What We Do:

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is important because it helps condition the brushes, preventing the bristles from drying out from the soap.

Gently rinsing only the bristles reduces chances of them falling out, saving you from having to buy new brushes after all that effort.

The baking cooling racks allow air to flow through the bristles, ensuring they dry completely, and much faster.

Quite a few must be thinking why cleaning a makeup brush is so important. Well, first of all, a clean brush is more hygienic. Since it is your skin involved, you should be particular about what touches it. A brush that has been sitting on the shelf for 6 months is not the best option. Secondly, a clean brush makes the application of makeup more accurate. With particles from previous applications, a dirty brush won’t be able to bring out the exact colour of the rouge or the eye shadow taking you more time than the usual to perfect a certain look. Moreover, with speckles barring some bristles to work at all, the brushes might leave visible lines when you apply something with it.

Thus, give your makeup brushes a proper wash to be able to use them more conveniently.

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