Marine Engine Mounts Make Boating More Peaceful

Boat engines, like any engine, create vibrations in the parts near the engine. The vibrations travel from there, through adjacent parts, and into parts adjacent to those, creating a real issue for boat users. The repeated vibrations can cause bolts to loosen, and vibrating parts can hit against other parts, causing damage. Because vibrations travel as far as they can, often into parts that are not next to the engine, this damage has the potential to occur over a large area of the boat. For someone hoping the boat will keep them out of the water, that potential is not a nice thought. The damage could be minor, like small paint or varnish chips, but it could also be severe if the vibrating parts are moving fast enough and with enough force. Plus, there is the noise issue, both from the vibrating engine and from the vibrating parts hitting each other.

One way to reduce the vibration from the engine is to installĀ marine engine mounts. You will not be able to get rid of vibration completely, but you can certainly reduce it. In many cases you can reduce it substantially. TheseĀ marine engine mounts separate the engine from the rest of the boat, except for the few connections via the mounts, thus reducing the amount of physical influence the vibrations have on the rest of the boat. The marine engine mounts support the engine, keeping it away from everything else; this means the only place the vibrations can go is into the small mounts. A lot of vibration is lost this way, leaving the majority of the adjacent parts untouched, or touched only by much smaller vibrations. Of course, the marine engine mounts still have to deal with the vibrations, so regular inspection of those is necessary to ensure that those bolts are not coming loose.

Marine engine mounts are available online and in boating stores, and they vary in size. People who want to buy marine engine mounts have to be sure that they are buying the correct ones; the customer service people at the store or in the online store should be able to help boaters choose the size they need. Large boats like big research vessels will need very strong mounts that might not be available in stores meant for smaller sporting boats. Reducing the vibration of the engine is also conducive to human comfort. Even if the bolts are all tight and no parts are hitting each other, the constant vibration can be a drag psychologically, along with the noise.

Mounts are not going to make a boat completely silent, but there is a major difference between the regular, everyday vibration from sitting in a moving car on a smooth road and the vibration from that car if the engine is struggling on a rough road. It is essentially the same for boats in that a strong vibration will be very jarring, while a smoother, quieter vibration will not be very distracting. For long boat voyages, noticeable vibrations that have a jarring feeling will be distressing after a while, so mounts can help reduce those to tolerable levels. Vibrations and vibrating engines can produce noise, too, and the mounts help stop a lot of that noise from transmitting to the floor of the engine room or to other parts. This protects people’s hearing as loud noises can contribute to hearing issues, and it also makes conversations and listening to things like music much easier to do. Installing marine engine mounts has so many benefits that there is no reason not to install them as soon as possible.

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