Modern And Vintage Sunglasses For Summer Style

With summer now on the horizon it is time to accessorize with some funky vintage sunglasses and socialize in style. The following are some of the shades which are popular and trendy at the moment, some with a very retro feel, and others with a modern twist.

Blues Brothers Wayfarers Sunglasses – These glasses are a great favorite among young and old alike these days, and there is something for every budget, from the very cheap ones you can pick up for under $10, to the higher quality designer versions such as the Ray-Bans Wayfarers. For younger people, at school and college, this style of sunglasses makes an ideal match with their vintage clothing which has also made a huge comeback in recent years. And for the older generation, getting a pair of these shades is a nod back to a carefree past.

Hip-Hop Shutter Shades – Kanye West started a craze recently by wearing sunglasses with no lenses but where there were plastic bars – like shutters – across the frames. These shutter shades have since become a favorite for many youngsters and fans of hip-hop. There are several modified versions available, and they come in all colors and patterns. So there are plain shutter sunglasses without lenses, or you can choose a pair that has the shutters across the front of dark sunglasses lenses. And there is also a style with just shutters on the top half of the frame. They are all very cheap to buy, so it is worth reading reviews by other customers to find a good brand because some are fairly flimsy plastic and break easily, whereas others will be good quality and robust enough to last a long time.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses – If you are somebody who loves fun and bright colors and maybe showing off a little, then perhaps a pair of heart sunglasses will be ideal for you, for hanging out with friends at the beach. This style has found popularity among younger teenage girls and the wide range of colors and designs means there will be a perfect pair for everyone. And at such low prices, you can even collect a few pairs so that you can match your accessories to your outfit, or your mood, wearing a bright red or purple, or something with a cute but understated pattern – or maybe you’ll just throw caution to the wind and step out wearing a dazzling pair of glitter framed heart sunglasses. The choice is yours.

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