Quality Boat Propellers For Sale

A fisherman can never have just one propeller. It’s true, no matter how hard it is for non-fisherman to understand. If all you do is take your boat out to tow people on the lake, then you can probably get away with having just one propeller, but if you take your boat on lakes and rivers, and occasionally use it for a lake outing, you need more than one propeller. Skiers should also have a spare propeller in case they hit a floating log or a hidden rock, but a fisherman needs to have many different propellers for different conditions. Thus, when any boater sees¬†boat propellers for sale, they should probably make a purchase.

How do you choose the right propeller? Think of the choices: stainless steel propellers, inboard boat propellers, three-blade propellers, four-blade propellers, aluminum propellers, large diameter propellers, composite propellers, etc. I could name a few more options, but you get the idea. There are propellers designed for running rivers, and there are propellers designed for quick acceleration and sharp cornering. There are propellers for small motors and propellers for large motors. A non-boater might think that all boat propellers are the same, and there are some propellers that are designed to be good for any conditions. These propellers work well, but if you really want high performance, you need to buy a propeller that is right for the kind of boating that you do.

River running is a different beast than lake boating. The shallow water means that your propeller will constantly be churning up debris from the bottom of the river. It also means that occasionally your prop or propeller will strike bottom. The wrong propeller will constantly fling gravel and debris into your prop. Gravel will pound the propeller until it breaks. The right propeller will help to minimize the amount of gravel that pounds the prop. A good propeller will also break when it strikes rocks or stumps. Replacing the propeller is a pain, but if a propeller does not break to absorb the shock of impact, you could end up replacing your whole drivetrain instead. An all-around propeller might work on a river outing, but you are better served to find boat propellers for sale that are designed for river running.

Towing is immensely fun, not as fun as skiing behind a boat, but still fun. However, the wrong propeller can take the fun right out of towing. You need a propeller designed for quick acceleration, high speeds, and effortless cornering. Again, you will want to find a propeller that is designed for the job. A propeller for river running will not work. An all-around propeller will work just fine for fishing on a lake, but to get a little more performance out of your boat, you need something that is designed for the conditions that are inherent to towing. If you plan on doing a lot of towing, then you need to look for boat propellers for sale that are designed for towing.

The fisherman needs a propeller for river running, a propeller for lake fishing, and maybe even a propeller for towing. One propeller will simply not give the fisherman all the performance he needs. Then there is the need for a backup propeller. While it might not be feasible to have a spare propeller for rivers, lakes, and towing, it is a good idea to have at least one spare in case something happens to a propeller on an outing. Finding quality boat propellers for sale is not a once in a lifetime experience for a true boater or fisherman. It is a frequent challenge, but buying propellers is just the price they pay to spend time doing something they love.

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