Schwin 120 upright exercise bike

If you are looking for an excellent indoor exercise bike that would really enrich your indoor exercise experience and provide you more of an outdoor feel, Schwin 120 upright exercise bike would be one of the best choices you could make. Save your money on gym and keep yourself fit with this stationary exercise bike stand. But before the buy here is what you need to know about this bike.


Set up

Schwin 120 upright exercise bikes are absolutely easy to set up. On an average it would take 45minutes to one hour for its set up for a pair of hands. The set up tools and the comprehensive manual with pictorial descriptions would make the set up easy.


The 16 levels of resistance on this bike enable you to feel the flat road ride as well the steep mountain climbing. One can even set up a course where in the resistance would progressively increase and then decrease. Also, with the help of customization available it is possible to set up a custom workout plan based on resistance.


Schwin 120 upright exercise bike is absolutely quite and smooth during the operation. The sturdiness of the bike makes it vibrations free and provides a better indoor exercise experience. One can even watch T.V or listen to the music during the exercise without any sound disturbances.


Even though working on the original seat from the manufacturer wouldn’t be so comfortable, changing of seat and seating positions to your requirements is absolutely easy with schwin 120.

Other features

Some of the other features with schwin that enhance its value would be the pulse rate reading monitor, the adjustable hand bars and the compactness of the stationary bike. Also the user weight limit being 275 pounds, it gives enough flexibility to be used by different users.


The schwin 120 exercise bikes are little expensive comparative to many other stationary bikes out there. But the features and facilities it provides make it worth. There are some also issues with pedal straps like everyone not feeling so comfortable with it and the pedal straps touching the axis/pedal arm.

Overall the schwin 120 exercise bike is an excellent product to go for. In case you feel it expensive then used stationary bikes would be an option. But again, if you have on road bikes with you, then you can even think of stationary bike stand which are comparatively very cheap.

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