Take the Easy Route to Healthy Family Eating with the Philips Airfryer

These days, people are becoming more concerned with their health and fitness and are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. With the nation in the grips of an obesity epidemic that’s affecting our children on a frightening scale, it really has never been more important for us to look after ourselves and make sure that our kids lead a healthy life.

There are two main components to staying in shape – keeping active and getting plenty of exercise, and eating a healthy and well balanced diet. Most find it easy to incorporate a bit of exercise into their lives, especially our children – whether it’s playing a favourite sport, joining a gym, going for a run, or even just a brisk walk – there’s plenty of ways to keep active. Eating healthier can be somewhat harder to do though, no matter how hard we try or well intentioned we are. Typically, most of our favourite foods are high in fat and generally considered to be bad for us, and while we can cut these out of our lives in the short term it doesn’t take long before we give in to the cravings and they sneak back in as an unhealthy mealtime treat.

The home electronics giant, Philips, have designed a machine that can help us get through this problem – a machine that means we might not have to cut our unhealthy favourites out of our diets at all. The Philips Airfryer is a revolutionary new cooking appliance for the home, which cooks all sorts of traditionally fried foods without using any extra fat or oil at all. This means that we can continue to eat these foods everyday without worrying about the harm they are doing to us, bringing an end to those fad diets that promise the world but are impossible to stick to.

Instead of using oil, the Airfryer blasts the food with super-heated air while it is being cooked, which has the effect of drying out the surface and making it crisp up to give it a fried-like texture. It’s not just for the health conscious, though, as there are many other Airfryer benefits that make this machine the perfect kitchen appliance.

First of all, it’s been incredibly well designed – as you would expect from Philips. There are only two controls on the Airfryer, making it extremely simple to use – you just need to set the temperature and timer according to the type of food you’re cooking, and you’re ready to go. Food cooks inside the Airfryer quicker than it would in a regular oven or fryer, and also at a lower overall temperature too – this means that you can cook a delicious meal in up to half the time that you’re used to, saving energy along the way. The cooking compartment can be divided up so that you can cook different types of food at the same time, and all the surfaces are coated in Teflon which makes them easy to clean.

So if you’re looking for a way of helping your family to stay healthy and eat sensibly, then the Philips Airfryer is definitely worth checking out. It’s a great looking device that will fit into any kitchen, and will undoubtedly become one of your best loved household appliances.

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