Tanning Beds Available at Tanning Salons

onyx_openTanning beds aren’t what they used to be. Back when they were first introduced onto the market, manufacturers weren’t aware of the different types of rays and the way skin reacts to them. Since then, tanning beds and bulbs have come a long way. They have eliminated the harmful rays and kept the ones that will brown your skin to give you an allover beautiful tan. Tanning salons in Brookfield, WI have some of the newest and most effective tanning beds available. There is a type of bed out there for every tanner’s needs.

Wolff Tan

A Wolff tanning bed is a specific brand of bed. These beds use a combination of UVA and UVB rays to produce the best results. Wolff beds are recommended for those who need help producing Vitamin D. Ultraviolet radiation can stimulate the natural production of Vitamin D. If a person, particularly a woman, is low in Vitamin D she is at risk for bone deterioration called osteoporosis. It has also been reported that people who use Wolff tanning beds have experienced a decrease in hypertension. The heat energy produced in the bed has been proven to lower blood pressure. Wolff beds are used in the finest salons across the world.

Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet bed is the Cadillac of tanning beds. This bed is for the advanced tanner; the tanner who wants perfection in their tan. The bed has shoulder tanners to get every spot and provide flawless results. The top tanning time is 12 minutes. On of the great advantages to this bed is that you can control the lamps and the temperature. There is an extra wide tanning surface and the bed has a contoured bottom so you aren’t lying on a flat slab. In other beds, you may have problems with back support or feel your tail bone hard against the surface. The Silver Bullet’s unique design will help alleviate back troubles when tanning.

Diva Tower

Though you want the perfect tan and the health benefits associated with tanning, or you are getting ready for vacation and want to get a base tan so you don’t burn in the tropical sun, you may have a fear of laying in a tanning bed. Some people are claustrophobic while others have a fear of casket-like situations. In that case, the Diva Tower is just for you. The tower is a standing tanner. You do not lie down inside. Instead, you step in and remain standing. It only takes a nine minutes per session and you can achieve your base tan in three-five sessions. You don’t have to tan for months to get the shade you desire, you can start just a couple of weeks before your vacation, class reunion or big dinner. If you still aren’t sure what type of bed would be best for you, you can speak to representatives at tanning salons in Brookfield, WI. They will ask you about your skin type and previous tanning experience before they recommend a tanning bed.

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