The Baratza Maestro, Best Home Use Grinder

So you want to make really good coffee at home.  Maybe you’ve already looked into some new and exciting brew methods that can improve the extraction that you are getting.  Maybe you are even thinking about trying your hand at making your own espresso.  Awesome.  However, you won’t get far without a good, robust conical burr grinder to get your whole bean coffee crushed nice and evenly.  For that, there is one grinder that rises above the rest, the Baratza Maestro.  Baratza has a strong name within the coffee community because of both its home use and commercial equipment, here are just some of the features this incredible grinder boasts:

  • It has forty different grind settings, which is unheard of in the market of home conical burr grinders.  It is the number one feature that makes the Baratza Maestro seem like a piece of commercial equipment.  There isn’t any brew method you might be interested in trying out that the Baratza Maestro won’t be able to grind for.  This flexibility is great for both newbies and home coffee making veterans.
  • It is specifically calibrated before it leaves the warehouse, in order to provide the greatest possible grind at home.  Other home coffee grinders don’t get industry calibration before they are shipped – only commercial machines do.  The Baratza Maestro, however, is the exception to this rule.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.  On top of being an incredible piece of equipment it still boasts a warranty so if you are new to home coffee making, you can put a lot of faith into this machine.  You may not have a lot (or any) experience taking apart burr coffee grinders, so knowing that the machine you invest in has a warranty should be a major plus.
  • It grinds at 450 RPM.  The exact rotations per minute of a grinder isn’t something you should get too worked up about, but knowing that the Baratza Maestro grinds at 450 RPM is good because it implies that it is grinding at a safe speed.  This means that it will not run the risk of overheating from too much use and always is indicative of a grinder that will have a very long lifespan.  This speed means the burrs will not be worn down over time from too much use.  Making the Baratza Maestro a great investment.

There are a lot of conical burr grinders on the market so it makes sense to shop around before buying any specific one, but the more you shop the more you will see the extreme advantages of the Baratza Maestro.

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