Which Is Better, The Kindle Or The Nook?

The digital e-book reader market is split between the Nook and the Kindle. For lovers of electronic books, they are still interested to know things about other e-book reader models which may even be better. Here are the main points of our ereader comparison.

Price. The Kindle 2 is now available for $189 while the Nook is sold at $199. Both versions are equipped with 3G. There is low cost when it comes to Wi-Fi, but the Nook at close range has limited access to the Internet. If you are looking for a large screen, Kindle DX with a screen size of 9.7″ should be good. In addition, where the prices of the equipment (from 21 June 2010) are concerned, recent market research conducted by WalletPop found out that the Amazon’s Kindle prices are much lower than the Barnes & Noble, and the Sony readers. Finally, it has been said that the Amazon already charges taxes. As for Barnes & Noble, it may levy taxes on all its sites deployed storewide.

Physical characteristics. While both Kindle 2 and Nook have 6-inch screens, Kindle 2 has a slightly larger body. In terms of thickness, the Nook is thinner than Kindle 2. The Nook is also heavier than Kindle. Nook has a color touch screen, but many see this feature unnecessary if compared to the advantage of having longer battery life.

Battery life. You can go up to 2 weeks without charging your Kindle; whereas, the Nook has a battery life of only 7 to 10 days. There are some comments from actual users who say that actual battery life for Kindle is only 10 days, and 4-5 days for the Nook. This can be very particularly true when the battery is used repeatedly over a period of time. Taking a portable e-book reader or wireless battery is even more important, especially for those who travel frequently.

Contents. Barnes & Noble says it has more than one million e-books available. Amazon has 450,000 free ebooks, magazines and newspapers available. Amazon usually has more popular content.

Communication. The latest model of Kindle wireless reading device is now had in connection with global wireless 3G while the version of the Nook has Wi-Fi and 3G. The Kindle uses free 3G Internet and Wi-Fi, but the Nook only has free 3G at Barnes & Noble hotspots.

Special features. Kindle is a popular option because it has the texts of speeches while the Nook does not. Nook can borrow books, and has navigation store which is its decided advantage over the Kindle. The Nook runs on Android, but many people say that those Android applications are slower to execute. E readers reviews are something you must check out.

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