York C102 Cycle Review – A Great Beginner’s Exercise Bike

I set out this year to get a lot fitter as I feel that since having a baby I have not been as active as I possibly could.  The reason I started to look at exercise bikes was because they let you work out at home so for me that was a great asset considering I have kids to look after.  I wanted a bike that would let me measure how many calories I was dropping as I felt that would help to motivate me better.  This is my York C102 Cycle review which I hope will help you to choose the ideal exercise bike for you.

Why did I choose a York C102 exercise bike?

I read loads of exercise bike reviews before I made a purchase of the York C102 and it came down to choosing between the C102 exercise bike and the higher end model which is the York C301 cycle.  If you read a York C301 cycle review you will notice that it has more advanced fitness features than the York C102, but in the end I plumped for the lower model.

The reason being is because I have not really worked out for about five years so wanted to buy a bike that was a cheaper, because if exercise bike workouts didn’t really suit me I wouldn’t then have wasted a lot of money.  Thankfully buying the York C102 cycle is definitely not a waste of money – and this is why.

I have been motivated to lose weight easily

This is the great thing about the York C102 cycle.  It lets you record and track your data as you pedal.  So for example I can pedal like mad for an hour and then check through the numbers that have stacked up on the LCD computer screen that sits above the handlebars.  The York C102 tells me how many miles I cycled when exercising, and also my average pace so I know how hard I have been working.

One of the better features is knowing how many calories I have been burning, so for me who likes to plan my meals and calorie intake in a day this is a really valuable asset and comes highly recommended.  I am trying to stick to a very strict diet at the moment, so knowing that I have burnt off 300 calories in an hour’s session on the York C102 exercise bike is a very valuable bit of functionality.

It’s really quiet and doesn’t disturb anyone else

My household is really hectic what with the kids and husband all wanting to do their own thing.  The York C102 cycle uses magnetic resistance – which in simple language means it’s very quiet.  I can do my exercises in the lounge whilst the rest of my family watch the telly or do their own thing.

Overall the price of the York C102 exercise is really cheap.  If like me you want to get fit but have limited space and a busy household then it’s a superb option.  Check out one of the other many York C102 cycle reviews online and you will find a similar view – it’s a popular exercise bike and really does work well.

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